Payment Policies

New Tuition Policies for 2021-2022 School Year

Starting this school year 2021-2022, Optimus will be implementing an updated tuition policy. Our new tuition will be based on four (4) weeks, and invoices will be provided in the period accordingly.

Furthermore, if there is a holiday that is observed by Optimus and we are CLOSED during the four week period, tuition for the four weeks will be prorated.

* Optimus is CLOSED on the following holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the following day (Thursday and Friday), and Christmas Day.

** For all other holidays, Optimus is OPEN, and tuition will be invoiced. For example, Optimus is OPEN on the following holidays: Veteran's Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President's Day, Columbus Day, Lincoln's Birthday, etc.

We want to clarify our updated tuition policy with the following examples:

1. In September, students will be invoiced from August 31st to September 25th (4 weeks). However, because Optimus will be CLOSED on Labor Day (September 7th), tuition will be prorated not to include the holiday.

2. For the week of Thanksgiving, students who attend OLS Thanksgiving week (Monday thru Wednesday) will NOT be invoiced for the Thursday and Friday of that week because Optimus is CLOSED. Should you decide NOT to send your students during Thanksgiving week, Optimus will NOT invoice you for that entire week.

Winter and Spring Break

During the Winter and Spring Break, students typically have two weeks off. Our prior tuition policy did not account for breaks, and it would be up to the parent's discretion to have their student attend Optimus during those days. Starting this school year 2020-2021, we will allow students to enroll ONLY in the weeks they will attend during these break times.

Here is an example to clarify our Winter and Spring Break tuition policy: In December, students will be invoiced from December 21st to January 15th (4 weeks). During this invoice period, students will have Winter break from December 21st to January 1st. If your student is not attending Optimus during the Winter break, tuition will be prorated not to include the weeks from December 21st to January 1st. Therefore, tuition will be invoiced for January 4th to January 15th for the invoice period of December 21st to January 15th.

We hope that our updated tuition policy will benefit all our students and parents as we continue to navigate this new school year.

No Registration Fee & Refund

It is common policy at most learning centers to charge a registration fee upon signing up your son or daughter. At Optimus, we believe the quality of our services speaks for themselves, and we see no need to charge you a nonrefundable, upfront fee. We pride ourselves on the fact that our clients can test our services with no financial obligation. To take it even one step further, if at any point you are unsatisfied with our service, you can discontinue your student’s enrollment at Optimus and receive a prorated refund with only two weeks’ notice. However, refunds are not applicable to students who are enrolled in our Summer Program or our monthly classes (i.e. book club class, enrichment class). Furthermore, monthly classes (i.e., book club class, enrichment class) are not subject to refunds, credit or rescheduling.

Late Fee

Tuition payments are due in advance of the month you are paying for. For example, payments for next month's classes are due by the last week of this month. Any payments that are not made by the 3rd of the month will be considered past due and will be charged a late fee of $30.

Absence Notification For Pickup Service

Please call, text, or email Optimus by 10 am of the date of your student's absence if you know your child will not need to be picked up due to absence or parent pickup. We understand that parents might accidentally forget to notify Optimus so we won’t penalize you for your first absence without notification. However, your child may have been the only child we needed to pick up that day, or our driver has to go to the admin office to see if your child came to school while other students are waiting in the van. For this reason, every absence without notification after your first will be charged a $30 driver fee. More than three absences without warning may result in removal from our pickup service. We appreciate your understanding in this matter and thank you for notifying us as soon as possible.


Many after school and tutoring programs require students to sign an enrollment contract. At Optimus Learning School, we do not have enrollment contracts. However, we do require that you provide us notice when you decide that your child will no longer be attending Optimus. Please give notice in writing or in-person to the Assistant Director by the 15th of the month prior. If we are not provided notice, you will be subject to pay up to 1 month of tuition to cover the costs we incur as a result of late notice. If you decide not to pay, your account will be referred to a third-party collection agency. This cancellation policy applies to all classes (i.e., group, private, enrichment) and the after school program.

Multiple Sibling Discount

While every parent, of course, wants the best for all of their children, we know that the financial burden of sending all of your little learners to an after school program at the same time can become substantial. At Optimus, we are willing to shoulder some of that burden for you. We welcome and encourage you to bring all of your children by offering a 10% discount on your second child’s tuition and a 15% discount on your third child’s tuition. These discounts will be applied to the lesser amount. Do you have even more than three children? No problem! Arrange a meeting with the director and we will handle your situation personally!

Military Discount

Optimus thanks the American troops for all they do! To show our appreciation and support, all active-duty military members receive a 5% discount on their child’s tuition!

Huge Discount on Tuition for Full School Year

We know how important it is for working parents to have a safe, reliable place to send their kids every day after school, and nobody has the time to keep changing those arrangements throughout the school year. Being able to sign up for a full school year of our after school program allows you to reserve your child’s spot for the whole school year so that you can rest at ease and make sure your child is getting all the help they need at the same time. Now, you have even more incentive to go ahead and sign your child up for a full school year at Optimus because you can save over $500 on tuition!

We offer 10% off tuition if you sign up for a full school year of our after school program before August 31st. We are offering a sibling discount to families who have 2 or more kids they want to enroll. The first sibling will receive 10% off tuition, the second sibling will receive 15% off tuition, the third sibling will receive 20% off tuition, and if there are more than three siblings please make an appointment with our director and discuss further payment options.

Take full advantage of the savings AND all the progress and success your child is capable of by signing up for a full school year with Optimus After School! In order to receive this discount, the full school year's tuition must be made before your child starts his/her school year.

Piano and Violin Lesson Discount

Get one month FREE when you pay for 11 months!

Private Tutoring Discount

Optimus now offers two options to make private lessons more affordable for you. If you sign up for 50 hours of one-on-one instruction in any subject and pay upfront, you will receive a 5% discount on the total tuition. If you sign up for 100 hours of one-on-one instruction in any subject and pay upfront, you will receive a 10% discount on the total tuition. For more information, please read our blog.

*All discounts are subject to terms and conditions set forth by Optimus Learning School*

Summer Early Bird Discount

We offer 10% off tuition if you sign up for our summer program before March 31st. We are offering a sibling discount to families who have 2 or more kids they want to enroll. The first sibling will receive 10% off tuition, the second sibling will receive 15% off tuition. For more information, please read our blog.

Summer Tuition

During the summer, our monthly tuition schedule changes to a weekly tuition schedule. We allow students to enroll in our summer programs weekly to accommodate their various vacation times. Therefore, how we calculate tuition is based on the weeks that your student is enrolled in. For example, James will enroll in the summer program for a total of four weeks. The four weeks are not consecutive because his family has decided to take a vacation. Since James has enrolled in a total of four weeks, the tuition amount for the entire four weeks is due upon enrollment.

Summer Tentative Vacation

We understand that sometimes vacation dates are not confirmed and we will accommodate rescheduling of dates of attendance if space is available and if we receive advanced notice. Advanced notice must be provided by email and be given at least a week before the absence. Please email

Summer Refund Policy

Optimus does NOT provide refunds.

Summer Absence

Optimus does not provide refunds for any absences.