Optimus Learning School


Art Program

Creativity is a principal value that Optimus believes all students should develop. Our art program is dedicated to those students who have a passion for art and who are interested in developing their fine art skills. We teach art in an engaging and open environment where students are allowed to express their creativity. Students will learn to build upon their creativity through an introduction through the fundamentals of art. As students progress, they will cultivate their techniques, such as shading, lighting, and color blending. Students will also explore different styles of art, such as Impressionism, Pop Art, and Cubism.


Large Group

2 hours/week Tuition: $100/month

Time Friday
3:30-5:30 Art Class (drawing, crafts, painting, origami, sculpting)

Small Group

1 hour/week Tuition: $100/month (Limited to 5 students/Class)
The class is limited to 5 students to ensure that each student is receiving individual guidance.

Time Tuesday
5:30-6:30 Art Class (Students will learn various artistic techniques)
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