Optimus Learning School | Our Mission

August 29, 2018

The mission of Optimus Learning School is to teach the students critical thinking and discipline. In a constantly advancing world, the children must grow up in body and mind to adapt to whatever new challenges that arise from these new changes. 

However, that does not mean that we can neglect their discipline. Without discipline a person will amount to nothing. Their work ethics will fail, their will to see their work through will drop, and they will eventually fail no matter how intelligent they may be. 

To foster these values OLS focuses on four main categories of education: health, creativity, teamwork, and going green. A healthy mind requires a healthy body, and without a healthy body the mind cannot function to its full potential. This is why OLS will work to keep their students healthy in both mind and body to maximize their potential in the future. 

Creativity is needed to survive in an ever changing world. Creative thinkers such as Steve Jobs and J.K. Rowling are a few of the influential people who showcase their creativity to attain success in the world, and OLS knows just how important it is to foster this quality from a young age. 

Teamwork is important as well. Working with others will be crucial in the future of our students, and it is never too early to teach them how to do so before they cannot learn how to do it. 

Going green is also important. In a world where we are constantly exposed to environmental crisis, OLS seeks to make sure our students understand the importance of keeping the world green and the proper processes to do so.


Optimus Learning School is a tutoring center in Brea serving Fullerton, Placentia, and Yorba Linda. Since 2008, we have been helping students from kindergarten through high school achieve their academic goals through our various programs such as our home school, after school program, homework help, and private tutoring. We also offer seasonal programs such as our popular summer camp. There are many enrichment classes year-round, such as coding, STEM, piano, and art which will help shape creative and well-rounded students. Are you ready to kickstart your child’s education? Send an inquiry form or contact us today!