Fun Family Activities during the Thanksgiving Break!

November 20, 2020

Thanksgiving is almost here! In this blog post, we will be sharing some fun family activities for you to do during the Thanksgiving break! 

Thanksgiving Charades  

Who doesn't like playing some lively games with the family?! Thanksgiving charades is a classic game that can be enjoyed by everyone with a Thanksgiving twist! 


  • Thanksgiving charades words- Apple Pie, Corn, Cornucopia, Ham, Native Americans, Parade, Pilgrim, Pumpkin Pie, Setting the Table, Turkey, and any other Thanksgiving words you can think of!
  • Basket or bowl - to place the words in
  • Paper- to keep score
  • Pen- to write the score 

How to play! 

Please write down the words on a piece of paper and cut them out, so each word is on its own. Fold up the pieces of paper and place them in the bowl.  

Pick someone to go first! They will pick out a piece of paper from the bowl and act out the word until someone guesses it. 

Rules! No props or speaking, just acting! 

Keep playing until everyone has had a turn to act! Playing this game will create silly and fun family memories!

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