Essential Life Skills to Help Your Student Succeed

July 8, 2021

It is never too early to think about the skills that your student will need for the future. Teaching your student these skills now will support their future endeavors no matter what they decide to pursue.

The three essential skills that experts believe will best ensure that your student will have a successful future are problem-solving, creativity, collaboration, and communication.

To successfully support your student in learning these skills, it is essential to remember that these skills need to be incorporated in lessons where students can gain a deeper understanding of how to utilize them and apply them to their lives.

Fortunately, these skills can be learned through fun and engaging activities! Below, you will find some ideas you can use to help support your student's life skill learning.


The emphasis here is to think critically. Students are encouraged to observe, analyze, and postulate solutions to problems. This skill will help students become persuasive writers and answer questions that will test their higher-level thought.

To support this skill, your student needs to learn to ask questions, such as: How does this work? What if? Why so? These questions will allow your student to think about all the perspectives and come to the best solution.

Questions Into Exploration

Your student asks you questions daily. Now it is time for them to dig a little deeper to explore the answers. For example, if your student asks, "How do birds fly?" You can answer this simple question; however, we want to develop your student's problem-solving skills. First, ask your student to develop their theories on what they think is the answer to their question. Then, with your assistance, have them do some research online. After their research is done, ask them to explain (in their own words) what they have concluded as the answer.


This skill may take many forms. It can be musical, artistic, technological, or physical. Help your student discover an activity that they genuinely enjoy.

Making a Movie

This activity will spark your student's imagination! They can write a script, think of a plot, act our scenes, or use props! There are many applications available that can help your student create some fantastic clips!


Working well with others is a skill that many companies value. As students work together, they learn the value of teamwork, diplomacy, self-control, time management, and empathy. Students learn diplomacy by encouraging their team members to work together. Learn self-control by tempering their feelings when the team decides to pursue a different path. Practice time management because they need to finish by a deadline. Learn empathy by learning to take the perspective of another student's feelings.

Cook Dinner or Dessert

Have your students cook with their siblings or have them invite their friends. As a "team," they will create a dish or dessert together and take turns stirring, measuring, and mixing.


It is essential for your student to learn to say what they mean. This will allow them to connect with other students now and with coworkers in the future.

Blindfold Scavenger Hunt

Ensure you are in a safe and open environment with your student. Put on a blindfold and have your student verbally give your directions to pick up and find an object. After your turn, now it is time to switch! Have your student put on the blindfold. Now they will use their listening skills to find the object.

These are just some activities and skills that will be essential for your student, and we hope you will use these activities to support your student's lifelong learning!

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