GATE Program in Placentia-Yorba Linda

September 21, 2021

You may be wondering what the characteristics of a gifted and talented student are. To help you better understand how to conclude these characteristics, we will discuss some distinctions between students who are high achievers and those who are gifted learners. 

Here are some examples of the differences that each student will exhibit:

- A high-achieving student is interested in the material that they are learning.

- A gifted learner is curious about the material and will have complex ideas with multiple perspectives.

- A high achieving student finds learning easy and requires repetition to master the subject matter.

- A gifted learner already knows what they are learning and does not need to work hard to master the subject matter. 

Again, we would like to reiterate that the GATE program identification process may differ for each district. 

The remainder of this blog will discuss the GATE program specifically in the Placentia- Yorba Linda school district. 

When will my student take the GATE test?

There are two phases for the GATE test. All 3rd and 4th-grade students will take the first round of testing in the first week of October. The second round of testing will take place the following week.

Students who are 5th to 7th grade must register for the GATE test. To register your students, you will need to contact the PYLUSD GATE office. 

When will I get the results of the GATE test?

Starting mid-November, parents may receive an email with your student’s GATE test score and identification. 

Will my student need to attend a different school if they are identified as gifted?

It is your decision to enroll your student in the GATE program if they are identified as gifted. If your homeschool is NOT a magnet site and you wish for your student to remain at their homeschool, they will be in a group cluster where they will receive enrichment or accelerated instruction. 

What is a magnet site?

 In the PYLUSD, certain schools offer the magnet program. In these classes, gifted students are only among other gifted students. 

What are the elementary magnet sites?

- Golden Elementary

- John O. Tynes Elementary

- Woodsboro Elementary 

Which magnet site will my student attend?

Your home address will determine which magnet site your student will attend.

What if only one of my students is identified as gifted? Will both students be allowed to attend the same school?

The student who is identified as GATE will automatically receive an interschool transfer from the GATE office. However, the student who is not identified will need to complete an interschool transfer through the Student Services Department. 

The GATE program is specifically designed to accommodate the learning of academically high students who seek academic challenges. Those students who are identified as gifted will thrive in the program and reach their academic potential. 

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