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April 22, 2022

It is Easter season and the most important thing for Easter is EGGS! Here are some activities that you and your family can do! 

  1. Egg Drop Experiment 

This activity is a fun stem activity that tests whether you and your family can create a device that can protect an egg from a drop of great height. This STEM activity uses materials you can find around your house and uses basic physics laws children should learn. 


Eggs (One for each group)






Cotton Balls



Paper clips


Rubber bands.


Box Cutter 


1.   Have participants draw a plan for their project.

2.   Once they have planned their project, have them get their materials

3.   Have the participants make their project.

4.   Test the egg drop projects by dropping them from a great height. 

2. Suncatcher Easter Egg Craft 

This activity is a fun spring craft that you can do at home with your friends and family! This craft will take about thirty minutes and can be done by children of any age.  


Tissue Paper (multiple colors)

White Cardstock

Contact Paper


Glue Stick

Ribbon or Yarn

Hole Punch



1.   Take the white cardstock and draw a large egg.

2.   Cut out the egg.

3.   Use the egg as a stencil and draw an egg on the contact paper.

4.   Cut out the egg on the contact paper.

5.   Cut the different colored tissue paper into 1-inch by 1-inch squares.

6.   Remove the paper from the adhesive side of the contact paper and lay it down.

7.   Now place the tissue paper squares wherever you want on the contact paper.

8.   Once the contact paper has been covered, place the other piece of contact paper over the top, sticky side down, onto the tissue paper squares.

9.   Punch a hole at the top of the egg, using a hole punch.

10. Then use the ribbon or yarn to hang the egg.

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