Why Reading is Important

May 16, 2022

Reading is one of the foundations that support learning and is an essential aspect of daily life. As young students, we learned how to read, and for some, reading may have come more straightforward than for others. As your student grows, they must develop strong reading skills to bolster their academic goals and careers. In this blog, we will delve into why reading is so critical. 

Increases Vocabulary

Reading exposes your student to new vocabulary. While they are reading, there will be words that are new to them, and they may ask you what the word means or take the initiative to look up the definition themselves. In either case, your student will learn a new word, and thus it is added to their ever-expanding vocabulary. 

Improves Reading Skills

Many schools test students' reading ability to ensure that they are within their grade level. When students continue to read, their reading skills will increase. Your student’s skills will improve by reading daily, and their reading level will ultimately surpass their grade level. 

Builds Understanding

There are words all around us! As your student learns how to read, they will develop an understanding of the worlds around them, for example, reading street signs, labels, or the menu at their favorite restaurant. 

Develops Imagination

Reading helps students develop their imagination. When students read, they actively use their imagination to create the characters, setting, and story. Students are picturing different aspects of their reading and are creating a world of their own imagination. 

Enhances Empathy

Stories expose students to multiple characters and perspectives. By reading, students are exposed to these various emotions and the feelings that these words emote. This exposure allows students to understand different feelings and viewpoints, which they can utilize in their daily lives. 

Creates Concentration

Having a consistent reading habit allows your student also to build the ability to concentrate. While reading, students focus and sit still for extended periods of time. This focus ultimately creates concentration and focus that will support their academic learning. 

At Optimus Learning School, our goal is to motivate our students to read! We understand that reading is an essential skill, and developing a lifelong relationship with reading will support students in their academic careers and social development. We offer various reading programs to encourage all readers! Here are details of the different reading classes we offer, OLS - Reading Programs.

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