Fun Summer Activities

July 5, 2022

It is finally summer! It is time to go outside and do some fun activities with your family. Here is a list of fun activities perfect for you and your family! 

Create Some Sidewalk Art

Sidewalk art is a way for you and your students to express their creativity! Many people have played with sidewalk chalk, but have you used sidewalk foam paint?! This creative medium is made out of things that you have around the house, so let’s get started! 

What you will need: (Makes about four colors)

Two 4-ounce bottles of washable white glue

1 cup of white flour

4 to 5 cups of white shaving foam

Food coloring (this will color the foam)

One 1 gallon-sized ziplock bag

Four sandwich-sized ziplock bags (one bag per color)


Four plastic squirt bottles (one bottle per color) 

How to make your sidewalk foam paint:

1.   Add 1 cup of flour to the gallon-sized ziplock bag.

2.   Add both bottles of washable white glue into the ziplock bag.

3.   Add 4 to 5 cups of the white shaving foam into the ziplock bag.

4.   Close the ziplock bag and mix.

5.   After thoroughly mixing, cut one corner of the gallon ziplock bag.

6.   Squirt some of the gallon mixture into each of the sandwich-sized ziplock bags.

7.   Add food coloring to each of the bags. Add as much food coloring until you get the color you desire.

8.   Mix each of the smaller bags.

9.   After thoroughly mixing, cut the corner of the sandwich-sized ziplock bags.

10. Squirt each mixture into the squirt bottles.

11. Time to get drawing! 

The sidewalk foam paint comes off with water. So when you and your family are done, wash your sidewalk with water, and it will be all gone! 

Have a Picnic at a Park

Let’s have a family picnic! Have everyone in charge of the picnic prep. Make a list of what foods, drinks, and supplies you need for the picnic. Have your students help make sandwiches and divide snacks into ziplock bags. Have fun, and don’t forget the blankets and sunblock! 

Play Water Balloon Baseball

What is more fun than playing a sport as a family?! This activity will keep you cool on summer days. 

What you will need:

Plastic or whiffle ball bat

Water balloons (The more, the better!) 

How to play:

Instead of using a baseball, use a water balloon!

Be prepared to get splashed! 

We hope these fun activities will involve you and your family in some summer fun! For some more fun activities and exciting reads, please visit our blogs at Optimus Learning School- Blogs!

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