Lifelong Learning

November 28, 2022

As your student advances through their academic career, it is essential to instill the value of lifelong learning. So what exactly is a lifelong learner, and why is it so important? A lifelong learner is eager and enthusiastic about pursuing knowledge and learning throughout life. It is a common thought that as people advance in age, their ability to learn, think, and remember diminishes; however, that is not true. 

Here are some fun facts about the brain:

The brain has an unlimited storage capacity

Your brain is always active, even in your sleep

Everyone’s brain is unique

Your brain is flexible and has the potential to make billions of patterns of thought. 

How can you support your student in becoming a lifelong learner? 

Be a lifelong learner role model

You are your student’s role model and the best example to show your student the importance of learning. As your student’s role model and support, giving them opportunities to learn outside the classroom is essential. Here are some examples of activities you can do: 

Visit local art and science museums

Take a nature walk or go hiking

Plant some flowers or plants in your backyard

Watch a musical, opera, ballet, or play

Take a road trip or visit someplace you have never been to 

Take an interest

Family time is essential in supporting your students' endeavors to become lifelong learners. Take this time to talk about what your student is learning in school, current events, or topics that interest your student. 

Keep the brain engaged

Being a lifelong learner also entails keeping your brain active! Here are some fun ways to promote brain engagement: 

Journaling- take 5 minutes a day to reflect and write down any thoughts you have

Reading- have your student pick out a book that they like to read, and create a habit of reading as a family every day

Exercising- studies have shown that exercise keeps the brain engaged by allowing your blood cells to move

Do some puzzles- these can be jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, word searches, or sudoku

Play some music- music has been shown to energize the brain. It could be listening to music, singing a song, or playing an instrument. 

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