Fullerton GATE Program

May 5, 2023

The GATE program is available throughout most school districts, but they have different ways of identifying and screening to see if the program is the appropriate one for your child. The GATE program is taught through either cluster classes where students are taught GATE curriculum in a regular classroom or an all-GATE students class at select schools in the district. GATE classes are available in junior highs through honors classes at select junior high schools.  

The GATE program provides a curriculum for all subjects, but focuses on the depth and complexity of principles, theories, and problem solving. The curriculum also encourages students to finish projects and presentations by using advanced research skills. These courses and activities help prepare students for high school, college, and their future careers.  

What are the steps to identifying my child as Gifted/GATE? 

Students are identified through a screening process that starts in second grade. All second graders will participate in a two-round screening process unless their parents have chosen for them to not participate. Towards the end of September, parents will be notified that the test will take place in early November.  

The test will be a group ability test that takes place through two rounds. The first round will take place in November. If a student scores in the 89th percentile or above, they will move on to the second round of testing. Parents will be notified if their students will participate in the second round of testing.  

If students are in third grade through eighth grade, they can also go through the screening again if they are referred to it through a teacher or if they qualify. Students are allowed to take the test up to three times.  

What kind of test is the GATE identification test? 

The GATE test given through the Fullerton School District is a cognitive ability test that analyzes verbal and nonverbal reasoning. The test uses a multiple number questions that test similarities and differences, following directions, recalling words and numbers, defining words, classifying and identifying sequences and shapes, and recognizing and completing analogies. Optimus Learning School provides the best GATE program in Fullerton!

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