Unlock Your Child's Potential with Optimus Learning School's Summer Program

April 26, 2024

As the warmth of spring ushers in, parents are already planning ahead for their children's summer activities. With Optimus Learning School's renowned summer program, parents can rest assured knowing their child's summer will be filled with engaging learning experiences and fun activities. What's more, an exclusive early bird discount awaits those who enroll before April 30th!

Early Bird Discount: Act Fast!

Time is ticking! The early bird discount for Optimus Learning School's summer program ends on April 30th. This limited-time offer provides families with a fantastic opportunity to secure their child's spot in an enriching summer experience at a discounted rate. Don't miss out on this chance to invest in your child's education while saving some extra bucks!

About Optimus Learning School's Summer Program

Optimus Learning School's summer program is designed to keep students academically engaged while fostering personal growth and development. Here's a glimpse of what your child can expect:

Mathematics Mastery: From arithmetic to algebra, our experienced instructors guide students through comprehensive math lessons tailored to their individual needs. Whether your child is mastering new concepts or honing existing skills, our program ensures they stay ahead of the curve.

Language Arts Advancement: Through interactive reading comprehension activities, writing workshops, and vocabulary building exercises, students enhance their language skills while developing a love for literature.

STEM Exploration: Dive into the fascinating world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through hands-on experiments, coding challenges, and creative problem-solving tasks. Our STEM curriculum sparks curiosity and innovation in young minds.

Artistic Expression: Unleash your child's creativity with our art workshops, where they'll explore various mediums and techniques under the guidance of talented instructors. From painting and drawing to sculpture and crafts, there's something for every budding artist.

Secure Your Child's Spot Today!

Don't let this opportunity slip away! Take advantage of Optimus Learning School's early bird discount and enroll your child in a summer program that combines academic excellence with unforgettable experiences. With limited spots available, act fast to ensure your child's place in our enriching summer program.

To learn more about our summer program and reserve your child's spot, visit Optimus Learning School's website or contact us directly.

Invest in your child's future today with Optimus Learning School's summer program!

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Optimus Learning School is a tutoring center in Brea serving Fullerton, Placentia, and Yorba Linda. Since 2008, we have been helping students from kindergarten through high school achieve their academic goals through our various programs such as our home school, after school program, homework help, and private tutoring. We also offer seasonal programs such as our popular summer camp. There are many enrichment classes year-round, such as coding, STEM, piano, and art which will help shape creative and well-rounded students. Are you ready to kickstart your child’s education? Send an inquiry form or contact us today!

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