Small Classrooms, Better Learning!

April 12, 2017

The classroom sizes here at Optimus are created smaller for the benefit of our students only! With a smaller number of students in each class, students feel more connected with their teacher and feel more comfortable asking questions. Questions are always encouraged, but students do not always feel comfortable asking. With smaller class sizes more questions can be answered and our students appreciate that. Optimus has become the best place to come learn because we care about our students’ success and provide the best learning environment in the classroom.


Most classrooms consist of 6-8 students which allow for all the students and teachers to get comfortable with each other and provide a better learning environment. A learning environment that consists of 20-30 students per class may lead to some students being left out and not reaching their full potential. We try to maximize student's learning by supplying every student with a teacher that cares about them and is willing to help answer all of their questions correctly. Encouraging students to do well will not only allow them to have a successful future in the classroom, but also in life.


At Optimus we never directly give students the answers to questions. It may be easy for a teacher to simply give the answer to a question, but what good does that do for the student? Students are urged to solve their problems and if they get stuck we will help them in a way that makes them think without giving them the answer.


Optimus has proven that it can help students continue to grow. The small class sizes are showing that students will get the help they need and they will enjoy coming to Optimus. Class sizes range from 6-8 students which provides better learning for all students. Come join us at Optimus and enjoy the great learning environment!

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn" -Benjamin Franklin

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