Live Scan and Fingerprint Background Checks for all Optimus Employees

April 17, 2017

The state of California does not require all after school programs to make their employees get a live scan and fingerprint background check, but at Optimus we make sure that our employees are properly checked and certified to be working with students and children. Teaching and the safety of our students and employees is very important to us. The safety of our students and teachers is always important to us because we want to make sure the people around us are in a good and safe environment to learn.


The California Department of Justice (DOJ) maintains a statewide criminal history of all the crimes committed in the State of California such as arrests, warrants, or felonies a person has made. The reason we require our teachers to undergo a live scan and background check is to make sure the background of a teacher applying for a job at Optimus is clear and qualified. Many teachers apply for a job at Optimus and we only hire the proper candidate that can be trusted working with our valued students.


Law enforcement agencies use live scan fingerprinting to acquire fingerprints and palm prints without using ink. Live scans are very accurate and are used by the most secure departments of the U.S. including the most commonly known, F.B.I.

Optimus is always thinking about the people we surround ourselves with. We always want to hire the right people to teach our students and by utilizing the live scan and background check we have been successful. Having our employees get live scan and background checks is our first step to making sure we are hiring the right teacher to work with our students. Optimus is a trusted after school teaching program and our students feel safe here. Come into Optimus and meet our friendly teachers and check out our great facilities!

"Safety is more important than convenience"

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