Why We Created e-Learning School

June 22, 2017

The Optimus e-Learning school is a great way for students to practice their vocabulary and practice their reading comprehension skills. Our e-Learning Program was designed to benefit kids with their learning and also accommodate parents so they can see how their son or daughter is performing.

Parents are always concerned with what their children are doing after they have finished their homework. Now parents can log into their child's e-Learning account and check the books they have read and taken a quiz on. It’s a simple three step process to make sure students are reading.

Students read the book
Students take the test
Parents see the score

 Parents want proof that their kids are actually reading the book so this program is a great way to show them and prove that students are actually reading the book and not just looking at it.

The quiz questions on the e-learning school quizzes are not average questions. Each question is composed of questions that test the reader's understanding of the book. Questions that challenge test takers usually begin with “why”, “how”, and “what” because it makes the reader actually think about what they read. Each problem has 5 answer choices that challenge students to select the correct answer.

Our e-Learning School is a great program that allows students to take quizzes after they have finished reading their book. Another benefit from the e-Learning school is that you can take a quiz from anywhere in the world. All students have to do is log into their account and take the quiz.

The benefits from the e-Learning School are amazing and can help any student reach their full potential. We encourage parents to look into this program for their kids to check and make sure their kids are understanding the books they are reading. If a student is not doing well on the e-Learning quizzes it may be an indicator that they need extra reading help. Optimus is here to provide help to students who need the assistance and also for students who simply want to test their reading comprehension skills. Come into Optimus today and check out our e-Learning school program today!

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