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We work together with local charter schools to provide classes for homeschooled students. Each of these programs requires a background check on our instructors (in addition to the background check that Optimus performs upon hiring). We are catering to students’ needs from math, reading, writing and homework help. However, we also offer help in enrichment classes such as computer coding, piano, ukulele, or Chinese. Our homeschooling program offers three of the following options:

Standard Homeschooling: if the student is already enrolled in a charter school, this option allows them to bring materials such as, textbooks and everything they received from the school, to Optimus. Together, we will teach and students will learn from those materials covering all California’s Standards.

Customized Homeschooling: if the student is enrolled in a charter school but he/she doesn’t have any provided materials, this option allows us to work with the student to come up with an academic plan. We will go over different course materials and textbooks and choose them together. Regardless of the materials, we assure you that students will meet standards by giving them the California State Standard Test ourselves.

Enrichment Classes for Homeschooling: this option allows students to pick and focus on their particular subject of interest. It may be English or Math, or they can simply focus on computer coding.

We are currently accepting students from the following homeschool/charter school programs:

However, if the student is enrolled in a different charter school other than the ones listed, please contact us at info@optimuslearningschool.com for more information about what classes we may be able to provide your child

Registration Procedure

Procedure A (Listed Charter Schools):
If you are currently part of one of the charter schools listed above, you may start by contacting us directly to choose which class option fits best for your child. Then, you will need to get your class request approved by the school before attending so that we may bill them accordingly. Once you've received approval, you can begin taking class and we will take care of the billing.

Procedure B (Unlisted Charter Schools):
If your charter school is NOT on the list above, you can contact your charter school and request that Optimus Learning School become a vendor. Optimus will go through the process of becoming a vendor, and you will then be able to follow procedure A for listed charter schools.

Procedure C (No Program Affiliation):
For students who are being homeschooled that are NOT involved in a charter school program, you may contact us directly. Regular tuition rates will apply.