Online Etiquette

Adjusting to Online / Virtual classes can be a hard change for students to make. Although students are already familiar with how to communicate through online text, their form of communication are still different from a normal student behavior. It’s a distinction between a student and an instructor that is useful for establishing a formal and moderated online learning environment.

Here are some proper online etiquette guidelines that would help students adapt smoothly to distance learning.

  • Normal school in-class etiquette is still applicable in an online learning setting.
  • Students must treat their teachers and classmates in a respectful manner.
  • Students must use their real names.
  • Students must learn how to raise their “virtual hands” and to be patient until the teacher responds.
  • Students should minimize their distractions in their surroundings (clear room of pets, minimize background noise, turning off their cell-phones, turning off their microphone unless asked to speak).