Optimus Summer Camp Updated Procedures and Schedule

June 23, 2020

During these ever-changing times, Optimus Learning School continues to support student learning throughout the summer. We have adopted different teaching methodologies, offer a new schedule of classes, accommodate students who choose to learn in-person or virtually, and implemented procedures to maintain a safe and healthy academic environment for our students and staff.

Our classroom environment has changed to adapt to our students’ needs. For our virtual program students, they are learning from a distance. They are not in a classroom in the traditional sense and have taken the responsibility of a more independent approach to their learning. Our teachers have embraced this new environment by utilizing different technologies such as digital whiteboards, which allow students to see notes written by the instructor clearly on their screens. Additionally, students are given homework through our online system, which they can download and complete digitally.

As for our students who come to our in-person programs, they are learning to adapt to a new classroom routine. Here is how a typical day in our in-person summer camp looks. Students arrive at our facility, and an Optimus staff member greets them. Students are first asked to sanitize their hands, have their temperature taken, and are given a sticker that confirms that they have successfully completed the check-in procedures. Students are then asked to place their belonging in their personal storage area and proceed to their classroom. All students are required to wear a mask at all times inside the facility except for lunchtime.

Each student is seated at their individual desk, which has been measured to abide by social distancing measures. During each break time, students are asked to wash their hands to maintain a healthy learning environment. After their morning classes, students then go to another room for lunch. During their lunchtime, their morning classrooms are ventilated and disinfected. At lunch, students seated apart and are separated by partitions to ensure that during this time when their masks are not on, they still have their personal space. After lunch, they return to their clean classroom to resume their afternoon classes, which include presentations, science, and cooking. 

Also, we now offer a shorter schedule to accommodate those students who wish to participate in our in-person summer for a limited amount of time. Our two new schedules are Monday to Thursday from 9 am - 12 pm and Monday to Friday, from 9 am - 12 pm. During the morning schedule, students will preview topics that they will learn the next school year in Math and Language Arts. Find out more detailed information about our in-person summer camp schedules.

Furthermore, we want our students to know that though our classrooms and routines may have changed, we at Optimus have adapted our programs to always support our students and community. We understand that these changes may not have come at an opportune time; however, we are here to support all our learners in-person or from a distance. 

If you would like detailed information about our updated summer 2020 procedures that we are taking in response to COVID-19, please read our blog Summer 2020 procedures.

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